Hello! I study computer science at Brown. Much of my work so far has centered on algorithmic fairness, though I’m also excited about robustness and interpretability in machine learning.

I recently spent a gap semester at Arthur AI, working on observability & model monitoring for safe and responsible ML. (I’ll be returning full-time after I graduate!) This past summer, I was an RA for Prof. Zachary Lipton where I explored macro-level implications of fair (algorithmic) decisionmaking; I’ve also worked with Prof. Sarah Brown on questions of fairness in relation to distribution shift.

In April 2020, I co-created Reboot, a series of talks with authors of recent work about technology, power, and the future. After a brief hiatus in fall 2020, I’m back on editorial; I also edit for The Gradient. You can find my writing in Reboot and The College Hill Independent; some of my personal writing is here.